High quality jobs for Harlow

The Tories are sending billions of pounds of contracts abroad, whilst we have seen skilled, well paid jobs disappear. Under this Tory Government we’ve seen the rise of insecure work and zero hour contracts. Labour will raise the minimum wage to £10 per hour and eradicate zero hour contracts. 

Public Health England are moving to the town and I am working hard to ensure that Harlow residents benefit from the job opportunities on offer. I welcome the news that PHE are working with Harlow College to create opportunities for students to work and train at the new £450million campus in the town. It is only right that high quality, well paid jobs are prioritised for the people living in the town.

I back Labour’s policy of building in Britain, for too long manufacturing has dwindled and left communities devastated. Nationally, Labour will invest in new green technologies creating over 400,000 skilled jobs, based here and on union rates, bringing skills and security to communities that have been held back for too long.

A home is a right

The UK housing market is a chaotic and unregulated free for all, where greed trumps need. Having a home is a right, not a privilege. We must invest in the homes we need as a society, not simply leave the supply to developers who build only those houses which generate them the greatest profit.

Home owning households for the under 45’s has fallen by 900,000 since the Tories gained power in 2010. A drop of 25%. House building is at its lowest since the 1920s.

Labour will build 1 million affordable homes including 500,000 council homes, but ensuring that we build the infrastructure to accommodate any new housing. Priority will be given to those living in the local area.

We believe in rent controls and strong tenants’ rights. In towns and cities across Europe, tenants can rent high quality, energy efficient homes with complete security of tenure, and at realistic rents. If you pay your rent, you will not be evicted, ever.

NHS – Patients before profits

Labour created the National Health Service providing universal healthcare for all on the basis of need, free at the point of use. The Conservatives’ dismantling of our vital services and the relentless cuts are ideologically driven with the end-goal being a US-style free-market insurance-based healthcare system.

The Tories are failing our NHS. Nationally waiting lists have soared with four million people on the English waiting list. In December 2017, Harlow’s Princess Alexandra hospital had the highest A&E wait times in the UK. Labour will ensure that patients can be seen in A&E within four hours.

Under this Tory Government hundreds of GP Surgeries up and down the country are closing. Recently, Harlow’s Osler House GP Surgery closed as it wasn’t deemed profitable enough.

Education – Nurturing our children

In Harlow our schools are dealing with brutal attacks from this Tory Government. They’ve slashed funding, cut staff and resources and are jeopardising opportunities for our children. Continued ‘failing’ schools are pushed into special measures and then forced into adopting Academy status, while nearly 50% of Academies are ‘significantly under-performing’.

Schools across Essex have been cut by almost £30 million, a huge £500 per pupil. In an unprecedented move, we have seen Head teachers on strike, marching to Downing Street against relentless Tory cuts. The “Little extras” that the Chancellor has just promised in his budget won’t stop schools having to send begging letters to parents to cover basic expenses.

We urgently need a Labour Government, and Labour’s proposed fully funded ‘National Education System’, to treat all of our children with the care and respect they deserve. To demonstrate that they are valued members of our society, and to offer them the greatest possible opportunity, whatever their background, for future success in their adult lives.


Safer Communities

In Essex, we have lost almost 800 police officers since the Tories gained power in 2010. Crime is at its highest in a decade, whilst police numbers are at their lowest in 30 years.

Crime in Harlow has soared. It’s not good enough that residents are too scared to venture into certain “no go areas”, or that those living in the Villages feel isolated and vulnerable.

We need bobbies back on the beat, but increase in crime is not just down to police cuts. The Government has decimated youth services across the country. 600 youth centres have closed. The Tories have created the conditions in which crime can thrive whilst leaving young people vulnerable to violence and denied the opportunity to build a positive future.

Labour have pledged to invest in an extra 10,000 police officers whilst rebuilding youth services to create a system that truly works for the many, not the few.

Statutory Youth Services

Tory cuts have decimated youth services across the country with 8 years of brutal, unnecessary austerity. Since the Tories gained power in 2010 we have seen the closure of over 600 youth services.

Sadly, Harlow has been hit badly. We’ve seen the closure of many vital services including play schemes and The Square amongst many others. I was fortunate enough to benefit from the advice, support and services these organisations provided when I was growing up in Harlow, it’s completely unjust that we can’t say the same for our young people today. I will work my hardest as an MP to ensure the youth of Harlow are not left behind.

Labour is committed to creating a quality youth service for all young people that is protected by new legislation. To deliver on this ambition, the next Labour government would mandate a national body with dedicated ring-fenced funding to oversee youth service provision across England. This national body would work with local youth partnerships in every local area to support service delivery across the country.


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